When the Well Runs Dry

The trick is not to mind that it hurts.

Above all they need to learn -to remember- that mediation/ contemplation is not normally a lifetime way of praying, even for active apostles. And they also need to remember that beyond meditation/ contemplation is not a splendid oasis of Omar Khayyam delights for the soul (which seems to be what most people understand by “mystic” or “contemplative”), but rather a vast desert with, perhaps, occasional small oases to sustain the spirit. As we shall see, it is only when we come to love the desert, and to prefer it to the oases, that we are well on the way to God. It is an “upside-down” world indeed! One can well be forgiven for forgetting, for refusing to believe he is on the right road, when his throat is parched and his eyes are filled with sand!

-Thomas Green, When the Well Runs Dry

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