The Churchman’s Monthly Penny Magazine and Guide to Christian Truth

Penny MagazinePublished March, 1852, this pamphlet was lent to me by a fellow parishioner who claimed that it came out right around the time he was born. I’ve transcribed one page below, attempting to preserve the misspellings as well.

  • True happiness consists in dependance on God; it is to have no will of our own.
  • It is far less difficult to act well than to suffer in silence.
  • No one knows anything of himself till he is tried. Trial is the touchstone of character.
  • Dost thou love controversy? Suspect thy charity. Dost thou abhor all controversy? Suspect thy Christianity.
  • Religion is such a belief in the Bible as maintains a living influence in the heart.
  • The deepest religious feeling makes the least noise, but its principle and action is stedfast and intense.
  • Religious enthusiasm does not consist in excess in devotion, but in too great readiness to assume that our own impressions are the voice of God.
  • Feebleness of mind is not unfrequently accompanied with extraordinary daring. A daring which is not courage, as it has no perception of either difficulties or consequences,- as an infant is not brave when with a smile upon its face it would light up a conflagration.
  • Experience proves, that an uninterrupted and extraordinary flow of prosperity, is more fatal to generosity or interest in other, than anything else that can befal man here below.
  • If we would not fall into things unlawful, we must sometimes deny ourselves in those that are lawful.
  • Christians might avoid much trouble and inconvenience if they would only believe what they profess-that God able to make them happy without anything else.
  • The best evidence of strength in grace, is to bear much with those who are weak in it.
  • Where sins lie heavy, crosses lie light; and on the contrary, where crosses lie heavy, sins lie light.
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