Mufasa had it coming

As the parent of a small child, my life has become all Frozen, all the time. Like many others her age, my daughter regularly puts on a blanket-cape and runs around singing “let it go, let it go!” Somehow, this took effect even before we’d seen the movie. Disney’s marketing is second to none.

As an old codger, of course, it is clear to me that this Disney film is far inferior to the Disney movies from when I was a kid, by which I of course mean The Lion King. My wife and I have started playing music from it, in hopes of occasionally hearing a different song sung.

So far, we’ve only managed to get Be Prepared stuck in our heads all day.

But I noticed something: when Scar lets the hyenas in on his plot, he doesn’t promise them power, glory, or even revenge. His pitch is much simpler:

Stick with me and you’ll never go hungry again!

And that’s it. The hyenas go wild at this. If you listen closely, you’ll hear them singing in the background, “We’ll have food! Lots of food!”

The hyenas had a pretty legitimate grievance here. The existing king had exiled them to elephant graveyards and was literally starving them. Why wouldn’t they ally with Scar? Sure, they had to kill Mufasa to get at their food, but both lions and hyenas have to kill to eat anyway. That’s the circle of life, after all.

For all we paint Scar as evil and power-mad, he was a lion of his word, and he really did try to unite the lions and the hyenas. The hyenas did not even use their new power to retaliate against the formerly dominant lions. They had every reason and right to rebel, and their coup was about as bloodless as these things can be.

The king who faithfully judges the poor, his throne shall be established continuously.” Mufasa failed in this, and he received his just reward.

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