10 ideas you’ve probably never encountered before

Some 60 years ago, the great computer scientist Alan Turing proposed what is now called the Turing Test, whereby he proposed that computers should be considered intelligent once it was possible to carry on a conversation with one, and not realize that it was a computer. Attempts so far to pass the test have been… less than successful.

Now the Ideological Turing Test, that’s something more interesting. The idea is to put forth a defense of some idea you disagree with in such a way that it is impossible to tell that you’re an opponent. Very few are capable of doing so; I continue to believe that the majority who can’t should simply remain silent.

All of which is a lead-in to this post, right here, which is the finest specimen of Ideological Turing Test I have ever seen. As an added bonus, it’s chock full of ideas that you’ve probably never encountered. Check it out.